My Key Stretches

We desk jockeys are prone towards tightness pretty much across the whole front. Chest, quads, hip flexors and the various ancillary muscles. Tight calves in athletes are not uncommon (and can contribute to various ailments). I failed the modified Thomas test (you should definitely try this on yourself), and yet the typical "stand and pull your heel to your butt" stretch does nothing for me. I know my calves are tight, and that my chest/shoulder flexibility needs work. So here are the stretches I've found that really work for those muscle groups:

This one is fantastic: lie on your side, bend the leg you are not stretching and brace it against a wall. Stretch the other leg. You can feel this one from the hip flexors to just above the knee and everywhere in between. You can experiment with where to put your upper body, but I tend to think I get a better stretch with my torso closer to my off-leg. Directly applicable to Thomas test-type flexibility. Not that you're doing this solely to ace the test; the test is just an indicator. Criminy, note how I can't even make a straight line, tracing along my stretched upper leg up through my torso.

For the calves, this one is great. None of the other "pushing against a wall" stretches have done much for me, as with them I feel compression in my ankle joint before I can get a good calf stretch going. Not here though! Here it's all calves. Note the critical hard-to-see 2x4 under my toes. You just want to lean in, trying to get your hips to the wall, keeping your legs straight (or thereabouts - position such that you feel it in your calves, not the backs of your knees).

This one's easy to describe. Find a corner, assume this position, and try to walk your body all the way into the corner. You can also do this with a doorway. You can alter the height of your elbows to vary the stretch.

I also like this one as a quick break stretch, as it hits the hips and opens up the chest all at once (and I can't do a real bridge). Watch your back though! When I do this without warming up, my wife cringes, so I go easy with it. I tend to feel compression in the lower back first, which limits the stretch for me. Fine for a quicky, but not as effective as either of the dedicated (non-calf) stretches above.