Spam in Your Pants

I had a couple relatively funny spam subjects in a row containing the word “pants,” so did a quick search of the 3,000+ or so spam GMail caught for me recently. 16 feature [pants]()

  • Hold the enormous manfullness in your pants.
  • Suddenly you feel that your pants have steel inside them.
  • Your pants will be in order all the time.
  • If you think that power in your pants is not good enough, check this pill out.
  • US senator crapped his pants!
  • A big equipment in your pants brings big fruits for hot chicks to pick up.
  • You feel like a giant comparing to the midget in your pants?
  • Feel your pants expand with the new formula
  • The vigor in your pants will be unbreakable.
  • More inches in your pants - more attention from female friends.
  • Get king-kong in pants
  • Change the turmoil in your pants with the blue pill.
  • Now you don’t have to turn off the lights when you take off your pants.
  • Chicks will be at a loss for words when you take your pants down.
  • Unzip your pants knowing that you have a real treasure there.
  • Your little friend in your pants is capable only for visiting toilets.
  • The hard friend in your pants will look up into the sky.

“Manfullness,” I must work that one into my vocabulary.

“Are your pants in order all the time?” really wants to be a new way of asking somebody if they’ve got their shit together.

“Suddenly you feel that your pants have steel inside them.” Oh no… Can’t. Bend. Knees…

I do NOT want to know what medical condition “turmoil in your pants” alludes to.

At least a couple of these would make for good fortune cookies.