Jim Biancolo built this. In a cave. With a box of scraps.

Current Projects

Stand Up! is a fun, flexible work break timer designed to help get you out of the Chair of Death. My buddy Mark and I made it and released it under our Raised Square banner. It's also great for RSI sufferers, or anyone that needs to take regular breaks. It's free and fully functional. It comes with one alarm, and one In-App Purchase unlocks the rest. Available on the iOS App Store.


I watch maybe a hundred movies a year and and sometimes I scrape my Netflix ratings and use 'em to refresh this page: Recommended Movies You Can Stream on Netflix.

Pocket Hacks

Hoo boy, you have no idea how useful it is to always have a little gaffer's tape on hand. Really, spool some up and stick it in your pocket or purse, I promise it'll come in handy. Also a small super-cheap pen you don't mind giving away or losing.


There aren't too many things that haven't been improved since 1896, but these waffles are a great example. Or if you want to go healthy, I have done unusual things to oatmeal and have no regrets.


Starting in 2005 I ran a site called Lean & Hungry Fitness, which covered lots of what I learned as I whipped myself back into shape. I created a fitness category to house those posts. The Tabata Interval posts were particularly popular, as they weren't as well-known then. I also did a pretty good job dealing with a few injuries, like shin splints, achilles tendinitis. and ankle sprains.


This site rides on the shoulders of Hugo and Skeleton. I love 'em.